Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Are You Tech Savvy?

I came downstairs one morning and found my 6-year-old son already on the computer. “Whatcha doin’?” I asked him. “Updating my website,” he responded casually, as if that was a perfectly typical thing for any 6-year-old child to be doing!

It got me thinking about how tech savvy our children are compared to us and how we grew up. I remember how exciting it was when my dad bought our first computer, a Commodore 64. I think I was 8. I learned to type in 8th grade. I got my first email address and first used the Internet for research in college. (Man, I wish the Internet had been available in high school!)

That conversation with my son also got me wondering, how tech savvy are my peers and their children? So I surveyed some MOPS moms and here are some of my findings.

Tech Savvy Moms

90% of the 39 moms that responded say they belong
to a social networking site. Facebook is by far the
most popular with 34 moms belonging. 8 moms use
LinkedIn, 2 use Twitter, and 1 mom is on MySpace.

All of the moms surveyed have at least 1 email account. 82% say they check their email several times a day. 10% check their email at least once daily and 8% check it less than once daily.

67% of moms use websites to share photos or videos. Shutterfly was the most popular with 17 users. Snapfish was second with 10 users. 5 moms use YouTube, 5 use Flickr, 5 use Kodak, and 3 use Walgreens.

28% of the surveyed moms have their own blog or website.

Tech Savvy Kids

Of the 33 moms that responded to this survey, 24 allow their children to use the computer. Just 6 of the children have their own computer.

How much time do your kids spend on the computer each day?
8 said 10 minutes or less
6 said 10-30 minutes
8 said 30-60 minutes
2 said 1 hour or more (That would be MY kid! But just for the record, he doesn't watch TV much.)

What do your kids do on the computer?
19 use Games
8 use Word or Excel
7 visit websites
7 use photo/video/music software
6 do artwork
1 does school research

Recommended Websites for Kids
Club Penguin
Disney Junior
Google Maps (My son spends HOURS on this site!)
Moshi Monster
Nick Jr.
Peep & the Big Wide World
school website

By the way, my son uses to create his websites. He logs in to my account and uses the "Share" sites to work on 2 of his own sites. It's easy to add photos from my Shutterfly albums and he's added text, maps, weather, links and more. It's easy enough for a Kindergartner!!

Written by Heidi Songer for the Westwood MOPS April 2011 newsletter

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